Drawin a cartoon portrait

If you use your digital camera or mobile device to take a picture for you or your loved ones, you are actully freezing the time frame of that person, and what you going to get eventually is a still image with no meaning at all.

Drawing a cartoon portrait is a differint story, it is art, it not a frozen frame and the most important thing that it is alive!

portrait draw

Here is how the story goes

The artist is staring at your face, holding his brush, calling in his inspiration and starts to put in his very first line of your face story.

The lines, dots, shades and colors start to flow in that canvas forming alive protrait for you.

We in cartoon stylist have bring to you the best artists from all over the word, to draw what we call it "Cartoon Me" portrait.

So live the experiance and get your self a cartoon portrait drawn by a professional artist.

How do I look in cartoon?

(1) To see how you would look in cartoon, use the form below to order.
(2) In 48 hours you will receive your cartoon perfectly hand drawn by a talented artist.
* Prices start from U$ 39.00

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